About cytco


Founded in 2003, Cytco is a leading company at the forefront of the SME communication market in the Middle East and North Africa. Cytco develops and delivers innovative communications   products   and   applications   for businesses. Cytco offers one of the complete portfolios of unified communications solutions based on Open   source   applications,   Software   and Hardware Development and specialized Distribution of VoIP products. Cytco is proud to have over 1000 customers with multiple thousand users.
These range from feature-rich call managers for small and medium businesses, and highly scalable ones for large enterprises, integrated mobility, call center solutions to a wide selection of terminals.
 Cytco has following divisions:

  1. Unified Communication.
  2. Call Center and System Integration (SI) Division.
  3. Training and Development.
  4. VoIP product distribution


Cytco develops and markets products for both Small/Medium and enterprise market. The focus is on off the shelf product that focus on unlimited number of user offices. With plug and play features, this product can be deployed easily.
Call Center and SI
Cytco focus on large scale implementation of Call Center solutions based on opensource Elastix. The projects undertaken include customize solution and integration with CRM and other Enterprise applications. Cytco has developed tools to support System Management: Via ABNICS software Cytco offers a great system management and maintenance – System Monitor: Monitoring system via a high voice quality, users can use this system to prevent any possible problem. – Office Anywhere: No matter where users are, they can transfer their calls to different types of IP Phones or softphones. Integrated CRM application with click to dial, editable pop-up screen, Click to FAX & SMS, … options)
Training and Development
Cytco is the First Elastix Authorized reseller and Training Center in Asia and amongst the largest Certified Training Center in Asia. We have conducted multiple ECE courses in the region the next course is scheduled to be in Dubai/UAE. Cytco also offers it’s our own 2-days & 30 Hours (10 days, 3 hours each day) VoIP training courses and have trained 450+ VoIP technicians in the past five years. Cytco has developed 20+ software modules for Elastix and will soon publish a few of them on Elastix ADDON website. Cytco is behind the only VoIP forum with about 7000 active members (www.voip-iran.com) .

VoIP product distribution

For your reference Cytco has been Sangoma authorized reseller in the past 4 years. Plus, Main distributor of Digium and Openvox and sole exclusive of ATCOM, Snom and Dinstar in the region. Cytco has online shop for VoIP products both in Iran and Dubai. www.voipshopme.com and www.iranvoipshop.com.

Capability Summary

Cytco is capable of Offering:

  • Elastix based Unified communication.
  • Customized feature development.
  • Monitoring and Management system for UC.
  • Integration with Enterprise application
  • Training and certification on Elastix
  • Hardware products such as IPPhones, Gateways, Telephony Cards
  • Advanced telephony and call centers, intelligent IVRs
  • Customer relationship software based on VtigerCRM (www.vtiger.com)
  • High performance Fax server with higly advanced features.
  • Integrated GIS server in Unified Communication Solutions.