Elastix Certified Engineer

Elastix Certified EngineerThe ECE course is a four-day training that provides Elastix administrators and integrators, with advanced knowledge and skills to design IP telephony Implementations, create distributed dial plans for large organization and solve common problems.

Differences with similar training

The Elastix Team has designed this training to be conducted by instructors with real experience in implementations. The content has been prepared by the product developers, manufacturers and integrators, completing the Elastix knowledge with current information about the telecommunications market.

Students learn about Elastix, VoIP and telephony implementations, with the best unified communications solution available today.
This course has a total of 36 hours of training. Classes begin around 9:00 am each day and extend to 5:00 pm depending on the activity and pace of the instructor and class. Sometimes classes extend when students consult and participate with enthusiasm.

The fifth day there’s a certification examination available for those who have completed the course. The examination lasts two hours.

This course has a total of 14 theoretical chapters and 12 practices, all of them aimed to dominate the day-to-day operation of advanced communications. Click on the following links to see the full content.



Student Kit

Each attendee will receive the following materials:

  • A telephony card
  • An IP telephone
  • Elastix Unified Communications Vol.1
  • Elastix Unified Communications Vol.2
  • A Backpack
  • An Elastix cap
  • An Elastix polo shirt
  • Support material for Labs and classes

Consult with your Certified Testing Center for a complete list of additional materials.
ECE – Requirements

To enter this course, the student must complete the following requirements:

To pass the Elastix Certified Advisor (ECA) Exam
Linux basic knowledge

The Elastix 1O1 course is a good option to get the right preparation for the ECA exam. The exam is included with the online course, or you can take it on any Official Testing Center.

There is Linux training available on several countries. The student must complete the following list as a minimum requirement:

  • Command Line (Basic)
  • File System
  • Editing text files in linux, emacs, vim, vi etc.
  • Search of files using find and locate
  • Permission assignment to files and directories
  • Ownership change of files and directories
  • Network Concepts in GNU/Linux – Basic network Commands
  • Package management: sources, rpm & yum


Elastix Certified Engineer

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