VoIP technology is the main field of Cytco’s activity during the past years. After Proliferation of VoIP in the world, This company started identification and investigation it, by selling of prepaid accounts, Internet phone calls through the computer, has started its activities.

The first business partners



Two well-known US company Net2Phone and Deltathree  are the first Cytco business partners, with formal contract between Cytco and Deltathree ,we received its Official representative to obtain and provide iConnecthere services in Iran.

After less than 6 months, more than 100 cafes across the country, including Internet phone service provider became its customers.

The next step was to represent Quicknet Technologies the American company offerd PCI cards for the first time in the world to use the voip technology.

Installation and setting  telephone card company using Quicknet products after the one year was about 40. This success Led to  selecting the company as a  best sales Quicknet representative in the worldwide.

After cytco`s success, Clarent American company strategies that is the biggest company in the voip field is be considered. In 2002, telephone traffic with Clarent equipment is was 8 times higher than Cisco  company in the world.

These solutions handled in several projects that The most famous project is Iran Khodro international phone switch and its international telephone costs significantly reduced from that date.

Cytco, provide a public service and VoIP calling cards for 9 months in 1382, and achieved remarkable success in this field.

Thousands of subscribers with more than 1 million minutes of international telephone traffic per month, as a result of the Expansion rate of the Cytco Public Service.

Because some non-technical problems, the company decided to concede calling card point to another collection and refocusing on providing voip technical services.

Over the years the infrastructure for IP network will provide, the company efforts as much as possible

with Participation in exhibitions, translation and content production and preparing culture in this field.

Implementation of more than hundreds of open source solutions in different projects and different fields such as:



These items Placed Cytco at the highest possible technical level to produce customized solutions in VoIP technology.

In modules section,you can You can see get some custom modules for systems such as Asterisk, the most popular open source call center in voip field.

Cytco is Currently different direct brands Agent in the technology VoIP ,to involve a wide range of products and hardware, such as network devices, gateways,PCI cards, video conferencing and accessories.

One of the largest direct importers and distributors of the voip equipment in iran.

Cytco also is a member of the union as the only company in the field of VoIP telecommunications devices and reliable reference for clients and applicants are applicant for this technology.

Naturally, all of the software products or details of the projects can not be published in cyberspace, So Optionally to contact us  for further information.

You can also see the wiki of voip here .